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2015 optical sub Exhibition: silicon can illuminate vivid interpretation of high quality light environment
    China robotics News Network: the real estate giant also began to adjust the economic structure and development, the production of robot restructuring plan quasi step rhythm. In the recently held a "2015 Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum summer peak", the board of directors Vanke chairman Wang Shi said in his speech, focus on the future, Vanke and research institutions to do the robot production. " Production robots, robotics industry or market real estate giant transformation will usher in the outbreak of the outbreak.

Vanke restructuring the production of robots will be the key to the future competitiveness of China

    In the recently held a "2015 Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum summer peak", board of directors Wang Dan 170000, 170000 speaking in the transformation of the speech: future research "robot making" attention focus, 2017 Vanke robot will manage the hotel opened in Shenzhen, Vanke property administrator a 30% of the robot will replace, now China Vanke 20 "the fifth dining room" 8 cooking robot. "With the world famous robot research center, the research and development cooperation with China Vanke, in order to adapt to China's national conditions and the depth of aging."

     Vanke in the industry known for leading the industry forward the rich and famous, this time seeking to turn, gesture, and leadership style: from real estate to China's economic structural adjustment and development of robot, quasi step rhythm.

     Real estate is concerned, no matter how much you think fancy, regardless of local housing prices rose several times how warming will not change in the fact that: from the dollar and interest rate hike cycle, the appreciation of the renminbi, the real estate industry has a peak in the short term, from the urbanization process in China and the Chinese export growth peak of the inflection point, the real estate industry may have come to see the history of the big top. Of course, is not to say that real estate will not earn money, but certainly can not be compared with the past.

Robot will be the key to the future competitiveness of China's manufacturing industry

    The concept of the robot is a big industry, there are many segments. Such as industrial robot, mainly for industrial production and services, from some kind of meaning, as long as there is artificial ingredients, such as industrial automation, you can say this is a industrial robot, and more high-end intelligent manufacturing equipment, digital such as before the factory now, it may is an upgraded version of an industrial robot, technology upgrading in the field, will become a key for China's future competitiveness.

     In the past five years, the labor cost has been rising and the manufacturing cost of the robot has been declining, so many enterprises think that it can replace the manual robot. In the automotive, automotive parts, electronics, rubber, plastics and metal products industry and other industrial robots in a wider range of applications.

    In 2016, China will enter the negative growth of new labor, no artificial intelligence, will not be able to save any production in China, but China does not produce high efficiency, China will not say anything to enter the developed countries. China's aging society, the problem of the emergence of economic growth in the future.

    Analysts said the "13th five year plan" period has entered a substantive written, "45" planning will be combined with supply side and demand side opened the "China manufacturing 2025" market space, intelligent manufacturing will become the "most important planning" robot is under the theme in the field of intelligent manufacturing most of the attention of, listed companies mandatory robot business investors have more long-term problems.

Service robots will become the next blue ocean

    It is reported that China Vanke manufacturing robots, named service robots, will be based on the blue, the next 10 to 20 years, the sea will show explosive growth.

    Robot market is divided into industrial robot and service robot, the former showing a pattern of steady development, can be predicted by the aerospace industry, the industry generally believe that the market of the future is a piece of blue ocean. Developed countries have begun to attach importance to the development of the robot, the United States, Japan, South Korea and the European Union have developed a service robot development plan. Google, Amason, Microsoft and other giants take the lead in the layout of service robots, Internet technology, to enhance the popularity of service robots, it is possible to cross the virtual world and the real world domination".

   According to the agency statistics show, from industrial robots to 9.5% compound growth rate, and the service robot compound growth rate reached 23.6%2003 to 2013 years of global sales, the future global service robot market share will exceed industrial robots become mainstream. Between 2014 and 2017 for service robot global total demand will reach 31.6 million units / sets, of which all kinds of professional service robot 135000 units / sets, personal / family service robot 31.5 million units, about $30 billion in total service robot market size; the professional service robots is 1.89 billion, personal / family service robot $11 billion.

     At present there are two main technical service robot routes: 1, the machine automatic exercise; 2, the machine's speech recognition and automatic thinking. With the needs of the market, the future of service robots will be widely concerned, become a blue ocean in the future.