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    Perennial focus on the moon program or other human ambitious Xprize foundation, a few days ago, said it would provide a total of 7 million dollars in the submarine exploration project incentive plan. The program named Ocean Discovery Xprize Shell, designed to encourage scientific research team to create a 4000 meter deep sea bed on the freedom to explore the robot. In order to meet the demand of automation, dive depth and speed, the mandatory requirements, delivery of the most beautiful seabed mapping team will be able to obtain a maximum of $400 million first prize, second runners up will receive 100 million dollar prize.

     In addition, the best in the top ten team can will share the $100 million milestone award, and the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration will set up another $100 million in awards, to reward by biological or chemical cues identification of submarine object technology.

    The team who would like to participate in the program will have 9 months of registration time. After the success of the registration, Xprize to give the team a year to build the deep sea exploration robot. Finally the relevant organizations and judges will be used for 18 months to assess. From the scale of the bonus, although it took a long time, but it is still worth waiting for.