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Dynamic Case

Application of industrial robot arm in a forging workshop

First, product features:

1, mainly used in the factory production line material handling and the work piece up and down material, etc.;

2, with a high load to weight ratio, weight of only 40 kg, load up to 5-10 kg;

3, compact structure, good flexibility, low maintenance costs;

4, small body size, the effective use of a large range of work, can be combined with an omni-directional mobile robot platform to achieve without orbit navigation complete remote intelligent control;

5, easy to operate;

24, can work 6 hours, reduce the hidden dangers of the production.

Two, related parameters and performance:

Load range

Load 16 kg range of motion axes

Additional load 10 ~20kg 1 +/-185 156 degree /S

Maximum total load 46kg 2 +35 degree /-155 156 degree /S

Operating range 3 /-130 degrees +154 degrees 156 degrees /S

Maximum range 1610 mm 4 +/-350 330 /S

Other data and specifications 5 +/-130 degrees 330 degrees /S

Axle number 66 +/-350 degrees 615 degrees /S

Repeat precision < + 0.05 mm weight 235 kg

Installation location floor, ceiling control system C4 KR

Three, the scope of application

1, industrial production line automatic up and down material device

2, industrial production line automatic batching, scheduling system

3, production line automatic spraying, welding, grinding and assembly equipment

4, food packaging applications