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Application of intelligent patrol car in electric power system

     The device through the carrying of m7500 infrared thermal imager, visible light or infrared cameras equipment, can replace the staff around the clock for indoor and outdoor high voltage substation equipment inspection, on-line analysis software can be found in a timely manner of power equipment internal thermal defects, external mechanical or electrical problems, such as fever, foreign body, damage oil spills and other.

    Inspection robot for carrying the visible light imaging instrument, infrared thermal imaging instrument, pickup, ultrasonic sensor, the magnetic track navigation, according to the optimal path planning for outdoor high-voltage equipment for autonomous or remote-controlled patrol. Through machine vision, infrared temperature measurement, sound detection method, inspection robot to the gathering equipment of infrared thermography, image and audio information, and automatic identification equipment of thermal defects, abnormal appearance, switch or a knife switch position, meter reading, oil level meter position and generate a unified specification of alarm events and inspection report, to the operating personnel issued alarm information, and provide basic data for equipment condition based maintenance. In unattended, less unattended substation or smart substation, especially in the plateau, hypoxia, cold and other geographical conditions or bad weather conditions, the inspection robot can replace or assist substation equipment inspection work is accomplished by human. When the completion of the inspection mission, the robot will return to the charging room automatically charge.

First, product features:

1, the magnetic track navigation and RFID positioning function

The inspection robot can use the magnetic track navigation and radio frequency identification technology, and finally can realize the DGPS positioning and navigation function of the inspection robot.

2, automatic image recognition

Inspection robot using imaging instrument, infrared thermal imaging detection equipment, automatic acquisition equipment of infrared thermal image and audio information, and automatic identification equipment thermal defects and other abnormal conditions, automatically generated and stored alarm event report, provides the historical basis for equipment maintenance.

3, radar automatic obstacle avoidance

In the inspection robot is equipped with obstacle avoidance device, which can achieve autonomous obstacle avoidance, but also more secure.

4, the control scheduling system

In the control system, the control system can automatically control hundreds of inspection robot to work at the same time through wireless communication.

5, friendly human-computer interaction

System provides users with a variety of human-computer interaction (handheld display, computer PC platform, smart phone Android platform).

Two, technical parameters

Power supply voltage: 36V

Equipment weight: 50Kg

Load: 50Kg

Battery life: 5 hours

Service life: 15 years

Positioning accuracy: less than 30mm

Ambient temperature: 0 degrees to +50;

Relative humidity: 30% ~ 85%;

Atmospheric pressure: 80kPa ~ 106kPa.

Dust and waterproof standard: IP66

Anti electromagnetic interference: 100A/m stable and sustained power frequency magnetic field and 300A/m short time test power frequency magnetic field can stabilize the work