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Dynamic Case

Application of stage robot in stage performance

1, product features

Intelligent robot dancing arena using a customized Mecanum wheel, can effectively prevent the moving platform to slip on the stage; with 360 DEG omni-directional mobile and in-situ rotation function, small movement space, a wide range of mobile, high positioning accuracy, no barriers to free movement on the stage; in the control system of scheduling, intelligent robot dancing arena can be single control or multiple linkage can be presented in a distinctive variety of choreography. In addition, can also be based on the actual needs of the robot platform for the two development, home improvement suitable for the stage show other modeling parts.

2, product case

The mighty star wars "is the Jiangsu Satellite TV, following the" star diving Cube "after in 2013 tilt Taiwan to create Star music reality show. According to the program rules, designed a dedicated mobile seat and mobile path, in the control of the 8 stage of the robot through a wireless way to automatically run.

3, product application

The stage of the omni-directional mobile seat, float stage auxiliary device

Stage performance robot, mobile camera equipped platform