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     Dongguan songdi Intelligent Robot Technology Co., Ltd. by world experts in robotics, countries "one thousand people plan" scholar Hu Jianjun, founded, mainly engaged in industrial intelligent robot series product development and marketing, is a company with independent intellectual property rights of high-tech companies, with first-class R & D team in Wuhan (Wuhan handy robot technology Co., Ltd.), one of which "one thousand people plan" scholars, "Hundred Talents Program" expert, master's and doctoral students of 28 people, in Changzhou (Changzhou handy Robot Technology Co., Ltd.) has a world-class production base.

    Mr. Hu Jianjun graduation at the Massachusetts Institute of technology, received a doctorate, has with the United States, Massachusetts Science Institute of Artificial Intelligence Laboratory a number of world famous technical experts in the field of robot cooperation, with nearly 20 years of robotics research and management experience. The company's core technology from the Massachusetts Institute of artificial intelligence and the human and the robot two laboratory, the product has contains robot flexible manufacturing technology, based on the slam of the theory of autonomous positioning and navigation technology, including a number of key technologies. The omnidirectional mobile robot platform using omnidirectional Mecanum wheel technology mobility, so that the platform can full range smooth mobile and flexible steering. Mechanical arm, the load on the top of a major breakthrough, so that no more than 7 times the weight of the work load, due to the use of flexible structure design, so that the movement of the arm flexible smooth. The 6 DOF mechanical arm can realize the repeated positioning precision of + / - 0.01mm. The target object's type is identified by the tactile sensor's sensing and the visual sensor's guidance, and the corresponding control strategy is adopted.

     Industry plan: the completion of research and development and industrialization of the omnidirectional mobile robot platform and industrial high torque manipulator, prompted the omnidirectional mobile robot platform form a stable of own technology in intelligent navigation, the bottom control and intelligent drive. The establishment of flexible, service-oriented robots, used to replace part of the artificial. Developers machine, the mobile robot platform and business needs to combine to form a commercial intelligent robot.

Dongguan songdi Intelligent Robot Technology Co. Ltd.

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